S.O.S. Social Organization Skills

For my SOS students, we are going to learning skills to make us successful students here at WMS. We are going to learn how to manage our classes, keep and organize our daily classwork, track our homework and due dates, and learn how to react to social situations.  This is going to be a fun class and my hope is, that you find the skills and tools necessary to be the best Bulldog you can be!


For my Writing students, we are going to learn the skills to be amazing writers.  I will teach your kids how to formulate strong thesis sentences, strong body paragraphs, and powerful conclusions.  We will be working on learning the writing process to be able to write amazing personal narratives, persuasive essays, poems, daily journals, and other skills needed to be successful in your future here at WMS and beyond.


I teach two sections of P.E. here at WMS.  One is an Adaptive P.E. course with the students from the DLC classroom, the other is a combined 6th, 7th, 8th grade class.  I teach P.E. with some of the most professional and motivated staff one could ask for.  We will be working on skills and fitness throughout the course of the year to improve our understanding of sportsmanship and the concept of team.